Types Of Construction Containers

Construction sites are always temporary until the final building or structure is complete. With that in mind, there are a number of temporary structures that also need to be on-site for workers to do their jobs. Luckily, there are many types of temporary structures available that can be constructed at or brought to the site.

Temporary Offices

Temporary offices can be driven to the site as a trailer or constructed as a temporary structure. On-the-ground structures can come with flooring built-in so no slab is required before putting the structure in place. Other amenities include:

  • HVAC system with programmable thermostat to keep the interior cool
  • Higher ceilings
  • Ethernet connections
  • Electrical outlets
  • Ability to put more than one together for additional space
  • Siding that can withstand high mile-per-hour winds
  • In-office restroom

Office trailers can also be towed to a job site and hooked up to power. These units come with many of the amenities listed for on-the-ground structures--some standard and some optional.

Construction Storage

Construction sites need a way to secure valuable equipment that could be taken from the job site. Temporary storage containers can address the need for storage and security. Construction storage containers are metal and come with double doors that can be locked from the outside.  There are a variety of sizes available, from smaller, portable units to extra-large, long-term units.

There are also hybrid units that double as offices and storage units. For smaller construction jobs, there may not be a need for separate storage and office space. Or, the office staff may need attached storage for materials or equipment. These hybrid office and storage units are a nice compromise to allow for both in the same unit.

Waste Disposal

Some construction containers are not meant for office space or storage. Waste disposal containers are meant to be regularly hauled off and emptied as they fill up. Waste disposal containers can range from the smaller units used for regular trash disposal to large units used for significant projects. There are two main types of roll-off, waste disposal containers:

  • Construction containers – these are meant for large projects, such as demolition trash removal or general construction; these must be hauled off and emptied
  • Front-loader containers – these are meant for more general trash disposal, such as food containers, office trash, etc.; front-loader containers can be easily emptied by properly equipped trash trucks

A construction site may require both types of containers to capture ordinary trash, such as from the headquarter's office or meal trucks, and construction-related waste.

Construction sites need to be able to quickly set up office, storage, and waste disposal units. Since these units are ultimately temporary, it makes sense to bring in and remove these structures as needed.

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