Three Etiquette Rules For Taking An Airport Taxi

Arranging for an airport taxi to pick you up at your home or hotel, drive you to the airport and drop you off at the right terminal allows you to take a sigh of relief leading up to your flight. Traveling by air can be a little tense, but using an airport taxi to get to the airport allows you to focus on your flight and avoid travel hassles such as finding parking and dealing with traffic. To ensure you're a good passenger, it's important to respect a handful of taxi etiquette rules. From booking the transportation the right way to tipping when you reach the airport, here are three etiquette rules that are important to follow.

Give Yourself Enough Time

When traveling to the airport by taxi, many travelers opt to call the taxi company in advance and arrange a time and location to be picked up. Given the strict timeline of traveling by air, this approach is generally safer than dragging your suitcases up and down the street in an attempt to flag down a cab. Do your research to know when you need to arrive at the airport before your flight, and then use an online map service to determine the length of time you expect the drive to take. It's poor etiquette to give the taxi driver an unrealistic schedule; if you live 30 minutes from the airport, don't arrange to have the taxi pick you up 15 minutes before you need to get to the airport.

Be Ready When The Driver Arrives

It's easy to be mentally running through a to-do checklist when you're getting ready to catch your airport taxi, but it's important to respect the driver's time by being ready before the driver arrives to pick you up. This means having your luggage neatly stacked inside the lobby of the hotel or on the porch of your home. Part of an airport taxi driver's duty is to load your luggage in the taxi's trunk, and not having everything assembled will delay the driver and add stress to the experience.

Don't Forget To Tip

Tipping your driver is an essential part of following taxi etiquette. Aim to tip around 20 percent. To be prepared an avoid having to spend extra time sorting your cash to put together a tip after you get to the airport, you can ask the taxi company dispatcher to give you a fare estimate when you book the taxi. This information will permit you to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of cash ready for your tip.

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