5 Warnings That Your Oil Needs Changing

Treat your oil right and your car will run smoothly. Not only will the ride be more enjoyable, but you will enjoy other benefits such as better gas mileage and a safety vehicle due to more efficient and fluid engine movements. If you fail to recognize the warning signs, you could end up with a severely damaged vehicle and a huge bill. Get your oil changed if you notice these 5 warnings: 

Dirty Oil

To check your oil, you can open your hood. There will be a cap with a logo of an oil can on it. Taking a paper towel, remove the dipstick, indicated by this cap, and look at the oil. Clean oil should be a nice amber color. If it is dark brown or almost black, then this means your oil is dirty. Oil can pick up on bad particles like old carbon in your engine that makes the fluid less clean. If you see dirty oil, it's time for a change.

The Sounds of Trouble

Your car shouldn't make too many strange noises when in operation. However, there are two sounds in particular that are a warning for trouble. First is knocking, and the second is rumbling. If either of these occurs, it could mean that excess dirt is in your oil and causing the engine's system to operate slowly and, therefore, may fail to work soon.

Excess Exhaust

You shouldn't notice much exhaust from your tailpipe at all. If the weather is cold, you will see a little more exhaust, but otherwise you will want to be concerned if smoke is coming from it. This is because a gasket could be blown in your car, meaning it's only a matter of time before your oil completely runs out.

The Pesky Light

The "Check Engine" light seems to be the most ignored warning signal of all. This is perhaps because it can flicker on and off without any obvious reason. However, just because the light goes away does not mean the problem is gone.

If you properly maintain your oil quality and level, then you can enjoy a high performing engine that keeps you safe and keeps your gas bill down. However, if you let too many oil issues continue without getting the oil replaced, you may be in for an unwelcome surprise. Trust some local car repair professionals (such as those from Galaxy Coach) and get your oil changed regularly to avoid all of these major problems.