3 Options For Arranging Transportation To The Airport When You Are Traveling With A Dog

As the holidays approach and you make your travel plans, it is important to consider how you and your pet will get to the airport. Given the current recommendations of arriving for your flight at least two hours before your flight and the often exorbitant fees to park your vehicle in airport parking, it rarely makes financial sense to drive your own vehicle and leave it there. Therefore, it is crucial to plan ahead and make the most effective use of both your time and money, in order to start your trip as easily and with as little stress as possible.

Consider A Cab 

Taxis are an obvious choice, but there are several factors that you should consider before choosing this option. For example, some cab companies allow you to call ahead, in order to reserve a cab ahead of time. However, it is important to ask whether you are guaranteed a ride at that point, or if you will simply be put into the pool of people needing rides ahead of time.

In addition, you probably know that not all cabs allow dogs and if they do, you may need a crate or travel container to contain them. Although that issue is unlikely to be a problem with larger dogs, as they will usually need to be crated in order to board flights, you should verify that whatever method of containment your smaller dog uses is acceptable to the taxi service.

You may also find that it is necessary to ask for a van or SUV and some cab drivers expect you to vacuum fur from the vehicle upon your arrival or pay extra fees. Therefore, it is important to ask in advance what your responsibilities will be.

For Late, Early And Inconvenient Flights, Consider Staying At A Hotel

Red-eye flights and flying stand-by are popular ways to save money or get last minute flights, but neither are ideal choices when you are traveling with Fido or Fluffy. If you need to leave very early or are unsure exactly when you will be leaving, consider staying overnight at a dog-friendly hotel or motel near the airport.

You are likely to rest better and you may find that a shuttle service can get you and your pet to the airport with little effort on your part. Otherwise, you can still call a cab from the hotel and doing so is still likely to be a cheaper trip than it would be from your home.

Consider An Inexpensive Rental Car For The Day Of Your Flight

If you do not want to call a cab and prefer not to sleep away from your home until you need to, the use of a rental car may be helpful. Since many airports have rental car agencies, you can drive yourself to the airport and turn it in before you board your flight.

Fortunately, even if your flight is before or after the rental car agency is open, it is not unusual to leave the vehicle in their parking lot and deposit the keys into a night drop box. Given that there are often some great prices on rentals, this can be a very affordable choice. In addition, this option may also provide the least amount of disruption to your dog and its schedule, so it can contribute to a better trip for you both.

In conclusion, holiday travel is often stressful and traveling with your pet can make it even more so. By planning ahead and considering the above options, you can make the trip a more enjoyable one for you both. For more information, contact companies like Naples Limousine.