3 Tips For Transporting A Classic Car

Collecting classic vintage cars is an engaging hobby that many people enjoy. Classic vehicles can be purchased at car shows, from dealers, or through private sellers, but the car you want may not always be in your city or even your state. If you're relatively new to collecting vintage cars and find a vehicle that you want to buy in a different state, you will have to arrange to have it transported to you. Use the following tips when having a classic vintage car transported to your location:

Open or Enclosed Car Hauler

There are a number of transportation companies that offer car hauling services in either open or enclosed car haulers. Generally, having a vehicle transported in an enclosed car hauler is more expensive. But depending on the classic vehicle you purchase, you may want to pay the extra money. If your new vehicle is in pristine condition or has recently been restored, it is usually recommended that you have it transported in an enclosed car hauler so it is not exposed to the outdoor elements. However, if you have bought a classic vintage car that needs some work and you plan to restore it yourself after you receive it, choosing an open car hauler may be a good decision for you.

Make Sure the Vehicle is Ready for Transport

You never know what kind of weather conditions your new vehicle will be traveling through, so ask the person or dealer that you are purchasing the car from to prepare it for transport. The battery should be fully charged, the gas tank should have a few gallons of fuel in it, and the antifreeze levels should be checked. This will help ensure that the vehicle does not suffer any unnecessary damage while being transported to you. It is also a good idea to have the previous owner show the driver transporting the vehicle how to start the vehicle and point out any hidden switches.

Consider Hiring a Specialist

If you're purchasing a vehicle that is especially rare or valuable, you may want to opt to hire a transportation company that specializes in hauling collector cars. In this situation, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is being hauled by professionals who are experienced in transporting classic cars that are quite expensive. Get quotes from several classic car transportation companies and make sure you understand their policies before you decide who to hire for the job.