Etiquette Tips You Need to Know as a First Time Limo Renter

When you rent a limo for the first time, it is important to realize that there are certain etiquette rules you need to follow. Here is a quick overview of some of the key etiquette rules that you need to know as a first time limo renter.

#1 Don't Exceed the Limo's Capacity

The capacity limit of the limo is not a suggestion; it is the limit of passengers set by law that the limo is permitted to carry. If the number of passengers exceeds the capacity of the limo, and your limo were to get pulled over by the cops for any reason, it is your limo driver who would face the consequences. Their license could be taken away, they could face a fine, and their job and livelihood could be at risk. 

Additionally, when you sneak extra riders into the limo, you are putting your and your friends' safety at risk. The limit is in place because that is how many people the limo can safely handle. If you think you need extra room, request a larger limo or order more than one. 

#2 You Still Have to Follow the Rules

It is important to keep in mind that the activities you see going on in limos in movies, such as underage drinking and drug use, are just movie antics. You should not do these things in a real limo that you are renting. If your limo is pulled over, you could face serious charges. 

If the limo driver sees you engaging in activities that are illegal, they could cancel your contract on the spot and demand that you and your party exit the limo and get alternative transportation. You could lose out on all the money that you invested in the limo service as well.

#3 Don't Junk Up The Limo

Along the same lines, you are renting a luxurious form of transportation, not a vehicle to trash. If you and your party enjoy food and drinks in the limo, try to be careful with your food and beverages. Put your trash in the trash bins provided and, if you spill a drink, clean it up.

If you trash the limo, you most likely will not get back any safety deposits that you put on the limo, and you may have to pay extra cleaning charges. 

Enjoy your first limo ride and treat it like the luxurious form of transportation that it is; a limo is an indulgence in luxury; do not trash your limo or engage in illegal activities in your limo rental. Doing so will put your rental agreement at risk. For more information about proper limo etiquette, talk to a company like Camelot Specialty Limos