Etiquette for Using an Airport Transportation Service

Parking at the airport can be very expensive, which is why it is often cheaper to hire somebody to drive you to and from the airport. You may already have your transportation lined up, but it helps to know the etiquette for when you use professional help for your airport transportation needs.

Be Ready Before Your Pickup Time

It can be tough getting ready to head to the airport at 3 a.m. in order to catch your flight, but you should not inconvenience the person handling your airport transportation as a result. Make sure that your bags are completely packed the night before and that you are ready to go before your scheduled pickup time. If using a taxi, it's likely that the meter will be running while they are waiting for you to get ready, so any time that they spend waiting will end up costing you money in the end.

Learn How to Install the Car Seat

If you are traveling with a small child, you'll likely be taking a car seat or booster seat with you for your trip. Take some time to learn how to install the seat properly so that you aren't struggling with it when your airport transportation arrives. Get out the instructions and have them handy in case something is not working right, or watch some videos online about how to install the seat safely. This will help you get the seat ready when you're at home or at the airport and avoid a potential delay that can make getting to the airport stressful.

Know Your Departing Airline

Make sure that you know which airline you are flying on and be sure to have the right information on hand. This is what your driver uses to drop you off at the correct terminal or near the proper gate. Knowing your airport isn't enough since many large airports can take you to completely separate directions for a specific airline.

Have a Tip Ready for Bag Handling

It will be nice to have a tip ready to give to your drive for handling your bags, which includes loading them into the vehicle and taking them out at the airport. Have some small bills on hand so that you can hand them directly to the driver as a way of thanking them for handling your large luggage.

Follow these etiquette tips when you hire transportation through an airport service and you are sure to have a smooth experience.