Doing Some Major Landscaping? How Renting A Dump Truck Can Prove Invaluable

Landscaping a property takes a monumental amount of work. It also takes the means to transport supplies to make your landscaping plants come to fruition. In the midst of this process, consider renting a small dump truck (if you know how to drive one; otherwise get a driver). Here is how renting a dump truck can prove invaluable when you are doing some major landscaping. 

Hauling Lots of Dirt

Need a lot of soil or topsoil to balance out the lumpiness of your yard? Maybe you need enough soil to create the perfect little patch for a vegetable garden? Whatever the reason for needing a quarter-ton or half-ton of dirt/soil, the dump truck can help you pick up this load of dirt and haul it back to the property. Then the truck will dump the mass of soil right where you want it. You can use a wheelbarrow and shovels to move the dirt all around the yard after that. 

Hauling Lots of Sod

For the sake of argument, let's say that you smoothed out the yard with a large load of dirt using the dump truck. Now you want to put down sod. The truck goes to a sod farm or a greenhouse that sells sod, loads up on the flats or rolls of sod, and brings it back. You lift each roll or slab of sod out of the back of this heavy-duty rental and place it on your yard over the mud. Within a few weeks, the sod takes root, and you could not have done that much transporting of sod without renting that big truck. 

Hauling a Ton of Gravel (or Less Than a Ton)

Gravel is great for everything from establishing the base layer of a driveway to "mulching" the beds around your flowers and bushes. However, it is definitely the one landscaping material you cannot have delivered or pick up without a truck. If you want to get your order of gravel filled faster and you want to pick it up yourself, rent the truck with the dumpable bed. The rock and stone company will fill the truck's bed with your gravel order. When you bring it back to your property, you do as you did with any dirt/soil order; you dump it. Move the gravel by the shovelful, or move it by the bucketful, to every area in the yard where it is needed. 

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