Three Reasons Why You Need A Less-Than-Truckload Freight Broker

Most of the freight brokers you may work with can manage less-than-a-truckload shipments. A less than truckload broker is one who advertises that he/she is willing to handle these special loads on a regular basis. Even if you think you do not need this kind of freight broker, the truth is, you do. Here are three reasons why this kind of broker should be in your contacts list. 

Other Freight Brokers Do Not Like Partial-Load Management

A freight broker makes a commission off of every full load he/she manages and sets up shipping for. Full loads are where the money is at because, after overhead costs, the broker still has a little left for his/her pocket. That does not mean that a freight broker will not manage a partial load for you. It just means that he/she may not manage partial loads for you that often. Additionally, it is more difficult to get shippers and truck drivers to agree to take partial loads because of the costs of fuel and the driver's requested pay. 

Drivers and Shippers Will Try to Make the Partial Load a Full Load

The cost for fuel, the driver's pay, and the shipping company's fees are often the same whether the truck is full or half-empty. Ergo, from the shipping company's point of view, it makes better business sense to fill up a truck, even if customers prefer to have their lesser loads shipped exclusively alone. It becomes quite the sticking point when a freight broker tries to negotiate for partial truck loads. Some customers may acquiesce if it gets their partial load on the truck and moving in a reasonable amount of time. However, a partial truckload broker can and will pull out all the stops to get your partial load picked up and moved on its own truck if that is what you want. 

You Do Not Want to Pay Full Load Fees for a Partial Load

Some shipping companies will charge full load fees for a partial truck. While this hardly seems fair, it is still legal. If you would rather not pay full truck shipping fees for your partial loads, the partial load broker can heavily negotiate a lesser fee. It may or may not be on par with the size of the load going on the truck, but at least it will not be the full price, either. 

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