Why Working with a Transportation Broker Is a Good Idea for Your Business

As a business that frequently needs to ship a lot of products to a completely different location, you are probably used to working with one or more freight carriers out there. But you might struggle to keep up as your business continues to grow. You might constantly be negotiating different rates based on contracts and carriers. There is, however, an easier solution: transportation brokerage services that offer freight carrier services. Here's why working with a transportation broker to streamline your freight and shipping is a good idea.

1. Save Time

How much time right now does your team spend negotiating with your current freight carriers or trying to hunt down new ones? How much time do you spend trying to keep track of all of the different shipping tracking codes so you can pass them onto your customers or vendors as needed? When you work with a transportation brokerage that specializes in freight carriers, all of this busywork is taken care of for you.

The brokerage can negotiate the contract and shipping rate with the carriers and can likely pass the savings onto you. The brokerage will also handle tracking of all packages that go out and provide you with an easy way to keep tabs on everything. This will free up your own workers to focus on packing the products or getting back to their other work instead of having to micromanage everything themselves.

2. Save Money

When you negotiate with a freight carrier as just one company, you don't really have any power when it comes to negotiating the rate you'll pay, or at least not until you become a gigantic company worth millions or billions of dollars. Transportation brokers work with a lot of other companies just like yours and then negotiate with the freight carrier for a lower rate based on the combined amount of cargo the brokerage is sending out across all companies. Your transport brokerage friends will able to secure a lower shipping rate than you would be able to obtain on your own.

3. Handle Business Spikes with Ease

When you sign a solo deal between your company and a freight carrier, you might commit to moving a specific amount of product. But what happens if your company experiences a spike in shipments during a certain time of year or after a newsworthy event? You might have to pay quite a bit extra to get your carrier to give you the extra room you need for more products at the last minute. Because transportation brokers move so much product, they have extra space that can be allotted across all of the different companies the broker works with. You'll be able to get the shipping space you need during your high season without having to jump through a million hoops. 

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