2 Tips For Getting Your Dog Ready For Travel With A Pet Transportation Service

If are planning to move to another region or country, or if you will be going to a vacation spot for more than a few days, you may be looking for ways to take your dog with you. Because of the distance as well as any restrictions that may exist preventing you from having them with you during travel, you may have decided that you wish to utilize a transportation service for pets.

However, you may be concerned about your dog's comfort while traveling the many miles required to reach your destination. If so, use the following tips to help get your canine ready for travel with the service.

1.  Get Your Dog Used to the Confined Space of a Kennel in Small Increments

One thing that you can do to help get your dog ready for long-distance travel is to get them used to a confined space. To ensure their safety and security, your dog will be kept in a kennel while they are being transported. 

If your dog is not used to being kept in a kennel, you can help get them used to the smaller space by purchasing a kennel for your home. Then, you can introduce them to staying it in gradually by placing them inside for several minutes on the first few days.

You can then start to increase the time in small increments until they are comfortable with staying in the kennel for several hours. To allow for plenty of time for your dog to get acclimated, you should start this process weeks ahead of the travel date if possible.

2.  Avoid Giving Your Dog Large Amounts of Food a Couple of Days Before the Travel Date

Once the date of your trip is a few days away, another thing that you can do to help ensure your dog's comfort during their transport is to avoid giving them large amounts of food. Up until the day of your trip, give them smaller portions. 

On the day of the trip, give them plenty of water. But, only give them small treats instead of their regular meals. This will help keep their stomach from being too full and causing nausea due to motion sickness.

Acclimating your canine companion to a kennel and ensuring that they do not eat too much before traveling can help to make sure that they are more comfortable and less stressed while being transported over a long distance. For more information or tips about preparing your dog for travel, speak with someone at a pet transportation service near you.